Lucky Dog


Lucky Dog is many things at once. First and foremost it is about the great American canine in the 21st Century. The traits of loyal emotion, duty, work, love and respect have evolved and made the dog the most enduring and successful of all the animals in our time. The Twentieth Century brought many changes in the dog world. In the early part of the Century they were mainly work dogs who took on the guardian role after the days work was done. Farms and rural settings. The American field hunting dog has been here since the early days of the Colony. Both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had packs of hounds used for all kinds of things.


It is estimated in 2012 that there were 83.3 million American dogs. And today, that 49% of all American households have dogs. Many of us have grown up with dogs and most of us can only remember our lives with them.  The Lucky Dog  Journal was created to cover all things dog with the best of products, information, helpful tips on wellness, training and just about everything that deals with our favorite American friend.